Robert Ellis

My favorite songwriters, storytellers, and artists all around are truth-seekers. Their stories and characters study what it means to be human and alive. To live in a certain time, a certain place, with a certain host of conditions. The “magic” moments that happen in music for me are the times at which this whole, open, and pure line of communication between the storyteller and the listener exists. “Yes–I’ve had that experience, too–in my own way,” or, “I understand in some small way what it is to be you.” The greatest songs and stories tap into our deepest senses of empathy and our ability to relate to the world around us. If this is the golden standard, one of the youngest and best around is Houston-based Robert Ellis. I’ve been listening to his most recent album, “The Lights From The Chemical Plant,” and the album released prior to that, “Photographs” a lot over the past two weeks. Listen to a song from each album below. Albums can be purchased in a variety of formats from Ellis’s website.


It’s also worth mentioning that Ellis is producing Austin band The Whiskey Shivers’ new album set to be released later this Spring. I’m really excited to see what comes of that.


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