Shoot You Down

In 1989 on the tails of everything loud, boisterous, and over the top in popular music, The Stone Roses released their self-titled album. Their lyrics were as blunt and confrontational as anything else of the time, but wrapped in the cool subtlety of understated vocals and reverb-washed guitar and drums. Less dramatic than The Smiths, less to prove than the grunge and metal bands of the late 80s but still maintaining a good bit of grit, and sparing us the sentimental cheese of some of the pop acts around (Roxette comes to mind,) the Stone Roses were shoe-gazey before the term existed. They were pioneers of style, in a way. They laid the tracks for bands like My Bloody Valentine and Lower Dens more than a decade later. Along with the likes of The Replacements’ “Tim” and Big Star’s “#1 Record/Radio City”, “The Stone Roses” is one of those timelessly solid albums that I find myself revisiting from time to time. Still hasn’t gotten old. THAT is success.

“Shoot You Down” happens to be my favorite on the album, but the whole record is great.

Get the digital copy on Amazon, or if you can find it, this one is worth having on wax.


One thought on “Shoot You Down

  1. Awesome post! The Stone Roses may just be my favorite band. I think it’s because they were at the intersection of 60’s psychedelic pop rock and 90’s indie rock, and they incorporated dance influences too, a combination which made their songs so powerful and cool-sounding to this day. You should check out their B-sides collection, Turns into Stone, if you haven’t already.

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