Welcome; It’s True

Yes, the rumors you didn’t hear are true: I’ve started a blog. While years pass, the lines on the backs of my hands grow more prominent, people enter and exit from my life, and the noises I make when moving from a sitting to standing position become increasingly difficult to hide,  music continues to be my muse, my outlet, my voice, my therapy, my inspiration to keep going. That love never wavers. I take special solace and pleasure in sharing it with others. My closest friends and family are well acquainted with this and will indulge me: both with recommendations of what I might enjoy and with requests for new sources, new loves, new reasons to keep going. It’s been a few years since I’ve actively worked for a music journalism publication, but I’d like to keep the spirit of all that alive; to share the many voices and creations that  help us understand and enjoy the strange little existences we occupy. So here is a place to which you may return to find a new love every so often, or be reminded of an old one.

Cheers, Erin



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